Gift Thiruvasagam

We gift Thiruvasagam to only the one who is interested to read it. In the same way, we gift Thiruvasagam Books to Kids, Youth, Housewives and Devotees whenever and wherever is possible.

Books @ Low Cost

We used big letters to print this Thiruvasagam Book to use as it is easy to read and pleasant. We offer the same at very low cost of Rs. 20/- where the original cost is Rs. 75/-. This is only possible with the support of Devotees & Donors, blessings of the Gurus and great Divine.

Thiruvasagam Chanting

We chant entire Thiruvasagam on every Second Sunday of the month which involves kids, students, youth, housewives those who are new to Thiruvasagam and train them to read, chant and sing easily.